Friday, April 23, 2010

Looking at Old Photographs

Love this one. My aunt holding me. I like the shadows and the light filtering through.
This one of my Grandmother. Can't you hear her calling her children for suppertime. And this little house that held a lot of memories. That door led to a dog run (an open area with a bedroom on one side and a bedroom/living area and kitchen on left.) A two-seater outhouse was out back.

And this one. Haven't a clue who they are. I saw it online and it is from another person's pictures. I put it with ours just to save and found out my Aunt spent a day trying to figure out who it was. To help confuse her I told her it was Uncle Claud and Aunt Maude
But I like the depth of the photo.
I have alot of questions. Was she mad? (her arms are crossed). What made them pose sitting in a boat on dry land? Look at the crops and dusty road behind them.

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